3DS Max/Netfabb scale units issue

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by ColdWarrior, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. ColdWarrior
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    I am modeing in 3DS Max. I check my models in Netfabb before I upload them. There seems to be some issue with the measurments going from Max to Netfabb. I have a file that Max measures H 266 mm, but when I export it from Max and open it in Netfabb it says it is 10.49 mm. I am getting annoyed trying to export my models hoping to get the right size when I open it in Netfabb. I guess if the conversion is the same ratio I guess I could do the math but that seems ridiculous. Any ideas?

    JACANT Well-Known Member
    If you scale your model in NetFabb by 25.4 It will be correct. It seems you are exporting from 3Ds Max as inches
    1" inch = 25.4mm
    10.49 X 25.4 = 266.446
  3. Fredd
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    Upload at Sw by inch. Ignore the mm at the end of the numerical value NF adds. The 10.49 is the value that effects unit measurement you chose at upload.To simplify things, just export as a dae format.
    When you assign unit measurement values in a program, at SW it recognizes this data for a dae file at upload
    not a .stl or obj.For a dae you do not need to chose unit measurement at upload. For a test, create a 25.4mm^3cube,
    I am willing to bet in netfab it shows up at as a 1mm^3 cube. 25.4mm=1 inch. Something that really helps to add less confusion to the process is to click standard analysis in netfabb.This will show you the units that the unit measurement choice at upload actually uses. Dimensions of 4x4x4 in it, you decide at upload you want them printed at mm,inch, or meter.

    If you paid attention to the above, you can export as a stl to let netfabb or netcloud repair it with the model having same dimensions you modeled, wall thickness detail height, bounding box dimensions. Just remember to use inch at upload.to give the unit dimensions a real world value.