3ds Max export to .dae is missing most of model

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    When I export my model from 3ds Max to .DAE format, the model seems to be disappearing. As you can see in the first screenshot, the .DAE upload to Shapewise is missing everything except for the center red sphere (compare with second screenshot).

    I can't figure out what I going on because I'm exporting the entire scene to .DAE, but again, Shapewise is only registering the single, red sphere (.MAX and .DAE are attached).

    Also, when I import the .DAE back into 3ds Max, the entire model is present, therefore, it seems like the .DAE does have the entire model within it, but for some reason, when Shapewise reads the .DAE file, it only registers the central red sphere.

    If anyone has insight as to what might be happening, I would be most appreciative.


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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    It may be something to do with you saving the grid with the model.
    I do not have 3DS.
    It will not open in Meshlab and will not import into Sketchup