3DS Max and unit conversion

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  1. Magic
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    Hi all,

    I was very excited by the new material made available, so I decided to print icecubes.
    I wanted to take advantage of this opportunuty to test unit conversion since I had some problems with my previous model.
    So I designed a 1cm3 cube in 3DS Max. As my default unit is mm, I made it 10mmx10mmx10mm.
    I exported it as STL file. While uploading it to Shapeways, I specified mm as the unit. And I got an error message :
    I went back to 3DS Max, changed the default unit to meter, without modfying my model. The cube was now 0.01mx0.01mx0.01m (and still 1cm3). I exported it as STL file again. While uploading I specifyed meter as a unit.
    New error message :
    Note that 39.4 inches are 1 meter.
    Finally I did a last conversion in 3DS MAx to change the default unit to inch. My 1cm3 was now 0.394"x0.394"x0.394". I save it as STL file. Of course while uploading I specifyed inch as a unit.
    This time all was correct.

    I did not make any test of "cross-unit" (saying in 3DS Mas that I work in mm and then pretending at the upload that the unit is inch). But, with this experiment, has anyone an idea on how 3DS Max and/or the upload function of Shapeways are dealing with the unit conversion ?


    PS: I finally give up with the idea of printing icecubes as they seem not to be safe to add in your beverage. :laughing:
  2. virtox
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    In case the question about units is real ;)

    Max uses internal units, these are the actual values exported using STL, as far as I can tell.

    In Customize->Units Setup->System Setup you define what this max unit will be in real measurements.
    (I have this on 1 unit = 1,0 mm, seems you have it on 1 unit = 1 inch or something)

    This setting has no influence on the way Max displays measurements, only on the internal unit size.

    From your question I gather you only changed the display value ?

    Hope this helps !

    Did you try the 3ds Max pricing tool ?
    That currently forces the above issues by setting all units to 1 mm (display and system) and should probably solve your issue ;)

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  3. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Hi Virtox,

    the question (and all the rest :D ) was real.
    And your explanation is crystal clear.
    In effect, I went to the Unit Setup panel to change units, but I missed the System Unit Setup button which was in this panel. I guess it should work now. By the way, changing the System Unit Setup actually scale your object...
    And I did not try the 3ds Max pricing tool yet. Thanks for the tip.
    Thank you very much again for your help.
  4. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    I think you can work around the rescale problem by first setting your system units to mm and then load your max file.
    It will complain it has a different unit size, with the option to rescale or not. I don't know which of the two, but one option should work ;)
  5. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Yes, in effect, there are two options when you swiitch the system unit to mm and reload a model done with inches:
    - The first propose you to switch back to inch (that what I've done, so the Zen Box is still internally in inches).
    - The second - if I have well understood - does nothing, so 1 inch become 1 mm.
    It is not complex to rescale manually, but I decided not to do it. For my next models, I will set the system unit from the beginning in mm.

    Thanks again Virtox.
  6. Whystler
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    Umm, aren't we supposed to reveal April Fools jokes after 12 noon of April1st? :)