3DS Max 2010 -> Blender & Z-Brush

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by randomblink, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. randomblink
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    Well, I started learning 3D Modeling in 3Ds Max 2010 on my Desktop PC.

    I joined a Mobile Development Training Program at my local community college and they gave me a MacBook.

    So, I have downloaded and installed Blender on my MacBook and I'm hoping to start re-learning 3D modeling via Blender now.

    Any recommendations for good PDF's or Documents that I can download for perusal as I learn the Blender GUI?

    Just stumbled onto Z-Brush. Holy 3D Printing Batman!!
    Looks like I'm going to start learning Blender AND Z-Brush... wow.

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  3. randomblink
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    I am a member of www.lynda.com and it turns out there is ONE Blender Training Series on there. Granted, it's for the 2.48a version and I have the 2.49b version (I think it's the 'b' version). But I think I'll still be alright there.

    The instructor of the tutorial mentioned the same URL's that you did. Apparently there is a collection of Blender Objects for free download as well?! I'm highly excited and curious about this!

    Started on my tutorials at Lynda this weekend. Hope to have some pieces started and ready on my portable reality box (ergo MacBook) soon for order from Shapeways...

    Thanks for the tips man!