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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by AotrsCommander, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. AotrsCommander
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    Sigh...I seems to spend more time posting errors than I do anything else this week...!

    Problems with the 3D viewer again, though a bit more terminal than the model not displaying right. Everything as fine until sometime yesterday evening, even the 3D viewer just stopped working.

    It's not loading the applet. It gets stuck showing the Java symbol and the circling blue boxes, but the little rectangle at the bottom I presume is a progress bar isn't doing anything. And it sits there like that, and apparently isn't trying to access the internet (it also locks up IE). My first thought was it might be temporary issue yesterday, but it's still doing it today.

    I've just updated my Java, working on the basis that there might have been some hidden changes with yesterday's downtime, but that didn't help - though instead of locking up IE completely, it now simply tells me there's an error. (Which is sort of an improvement I guess).

    I'm not sure what else to look to do; whether it might be Shapeways problem or something more general. (Which is why I'm posting here not emailing customer support right out of the bat!)

    Obviously, as has been proven by my prior thread, I kinda need to use the viewer for a final check to my models to make sure they can be printable, so I'm kinda stumped to do anything else until I can overcome this current problem.

    (Just in time to for the next one... During my first email correspondance with Shapeways, I remarked to Ralph van den Borst that there's always one and it's usually me, which is becoming depressingly true....On top of this, I've got an unprintable model that nees to be fixed up for 'em. Somedays, you just can't win. In my case, you apparently just can't win ever...)

    Suggestions anyone?
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  2. virtox
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    I think your applet problem stems from the server migration.
    My browser sometimes goes to shapeways.com and sometimes reverts to the IP-adres
    As Java usually does not like different hosts, this is probably it.

    But I too had hoped that the IP issues would have been resolved today, it's driving me crazy.

  3. AotrsCommander
    AotrsCommander Well-Known Member
    I sort of hoped in might be something caused by that. (The error was blithering about some sort of security check failure, which sounds plausible if it's having IP problems.)

    One would like to think that'll it be fixed shortly, once they get the server sorted. But at least it's not something totally alien and unexplained, 'cos I'm getting real tired of things pulling that on me...!
  4. Corhellion
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    Oh good, I'm not the only one then.