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    I edited a version of 3DNP and changed the autorotate function to cycle through the entire list of images, first forward, then backward.
    Using the full set of images generated by the Blender script (252 images), the view does 360 rotations but also tilts up and down so you can see the entire model.
    There are three files used, 3DNP_config.js, 3DNP.css and blend3dall.html. I put the html file in the same directory as the folder named images which holds all the image files. The .js & css file I keep two levels up - its shared.
    This way I can have multiple animation files on a page.
    You can see the results at www.custompowersolar.com

    Is there a way I can also add these images in place of the 3Dview on my Shapeways Shop?

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    Neat idea, but I'm afraid you can't run custom Javascript on our site..