3D sculpturer for designing cosmonaut figure

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  1. lvm_studios
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    For a project I need a sculpturer for modelling a cosmonaut figure in seated position and 3 different heads. If easier you also may model the cosmonauts seat.

    Scale 1:12
    Detail: high, life-like
    Fabrication by open face mold for resin casting

    Delivery time: Q2, 2013

    Please respond with a link to your portfolio.


    LVM Studios


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  2. toonafish
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    I'm a freelance 3D artist | character modeler with about 20 years of experience. This sounds like an interesting job to me.

    You can check some of my work here: http://www.toonafish.nl and http://www.cyberfish.nl

    Please email me if you're interested, or would like more information: ronald@toonafish.nl


    - Ronald