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    Hi, my name is Clint MacLean and im new to shapeways. I work primarily in 3DS Max and Zbrush. I have done characters for the game Hero Clix and have been working as a 3d artist for the last 3 years. I graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a bachelor's in Game Art and Design. I also have other examples of work that i have done but cannot post online because of contracts, so if you need to see further proof of my skills please contact me and i will be happy to show them to you. Also if you would like to see pictures of how some of the Hero Clix figures turned out as actual figures i can provide those as well. Looking forward to working for you!

    email: maximusin3d@gmail.com
    website: www.maximusin3d.carbonmade.com
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    Work update! From the Hero Clix Galactic Guardians! See more on my site www.maximusin3d.carbonmade.com or at heroclix.com

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