3D Sanskrit Torus Modeler needed

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    My Name is Stan, and I am a graduate student at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa USA. And as an aspiring 'Self-referral' art student my financial resources are rather limited. It is my I hope to work with a graphic designer who can provide me with a quality file ready for 3D printing at a reasonable price. I have several similar designs on this theme in English and in Sanskrit that I eventually wish to print in 3D.
    This trial job is realistically the first of many potential projects.

    Attached is a .jpg graphic of a 2D art concept file that I wish to have drawn as a 3D CAD file capable of being used by a 3D printer.
    Essentially I wish to print a 3D prototype model of this design that is approximately 5" to 8" in diameter.

    As required I will supply the appropriate Sanskrit font and text string.

    Kindly provide me with a fixed price quotation for this job.
    Thank you,
    Stan Kendz

    SanskritTorus Copyrite 02-02-2013 Stan Kendz 6X6 .jpg
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    http://www.shapeways.com/model/923810/torus-sanscript.html?l i=my-models&key=da098486eb68f13a10b2644bd631c6b4
    10 minute job. But it can't be transparent. At least i don't know about transparent and multi color material.