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  1. theredqueentheory
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    Is it possible to find a simple app that creates a ring with complex designs? I am trying to create a dna ring that is not available to buy, and I am not a 3D artist, and none of the ring apps on this site work because they are only for flat rings with writing or pre-made flower designs. I'd appreciate any help!
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    What size?
    And what material?

    Maybe I'll make one for my shop. :)

    EDIT: Wait, I just calculated out the size that the molecules would have to be relative to the size that is available within the confines of a ring and found that it just wouldn't work well. The problem is the thickness of the band. Going beyond a thickness of 2.5 mm starts to look bulky and also starts to become uncomfortable to wear.

    If I think of a design that would work I might try it. As for apps, no, I know none.
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    Thanks for replying, I've attached 3 pictures of rings that I love, I'd like to do some sort of combination of the three. It seems that the designs are strong enough to make and sell for these rings, I'd like a sterling silver one. I bet they'd sell like hotcakes, since all of the ones available now are too bulky and not simplistic like the necklace...let me know! :)

    P.S., I like ring2.jpg if it were a little thinner and there were more helix turns, but it is too expensive for me, it's $280.00, which is why I wanted to design one myself and make it for a lot less.

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    Oh ok. Yep! That's a way to squeeze it all in there.

    I was about to go to sleep now, but I'll try to work on it if I get a chance when I awake. In the meanwhile, if you get the chance, can you say what size? Size is very important since some designs cannot be made smaller without starting over from scratch. Also, some designs cannot physically be smaller than a certain size. So give me a size and be sure to tell what country the size is applicable to. Like for example a US size 6.

  5. theredqueentheory
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    Fabulous! And yes, US size 6 is my size. I actually had one hand crafted from sterling silver, and I felt so bad that I had to return it, but it was very bulky and chunky and not feminine at all. Plus I think hand crafting is prone to errors, the ring was bumpy and the helixes were not uniform, it kind of looked like a kid made it. So it would be great to have one 3D printed so it could be thin and elegant. You could even put a stone in the middle for a wedding ring or something to sell to people.
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    Ok here's what I came up with. :D


    The helical rails are 1 mm in diameter. This is as small as Shapeways will allow for the band of a ring. It came out to about 4 mm wide so this should look very feminine. The maximum distance from the inside to the outside is about 1.8 mm so it will be very comfortable to wear.

    This was more difficult to construct than I thought it would be. It's very difficult to generate a flattened double helix with connecting bars and formed into an unbroken continuous form while at the same time sticking to all the design rules and making it look good. Consequently, I won't be making anymore of these soon! :laughing:
  7. theredqueentheory
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    OMG that is EXACTLY what I am looking for! :eek: Especially the smooth edges and uniformity, thank you SO MUCH! How can I reimburse you/download the 3D file/get this actually made on Shapeways? I'm such a noob. :D
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    And you make it look so easy.

    Nice one
  9. UniverseBecoming
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    You can buy it here in my store if you want. :)

  10. UniverseBecoming
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    Thanks for the props Rob! :D
  11. theredqueentheory
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    First of all, sorry for not responding sooner. I could name an excuse but nobody likes to hear them.

    I was looking for this conversation and found this: is this one of your designs?

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/150065714/dna-ring-silver-dna-ri ng-plane-dna-ring?ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_type=all&am p;ga_includes%5B0%5D=tags&ga_search_query=dna+ring&g a_ref=related&ga_page=1&ga_view_type=gallery

    It looks familiar but it has less loops per ring. I like your design better because it has more loops.

    Have you had one actually printed out?

    I really want to buy it but have had bad experiences in the past with ordering something with only a 3D picture of it, and seeing it rendered in real life, it was quite, er, crappy.

    Is there a way you could render a test one in plastic, perhaps, as a test?

    How much would a cheap plastic physical rendition cost?

  12. UniverseBecoming
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    Nah, that's my not my design. Thanks for pointing that out though!

    I didn't have this one done in silver yet since there are others I'm working on first and it takes nearly a month to get things in metals from Shapeways so it's taking a long time. It'll probably be a few years at this rate before I get everything in silver and photograph everything all at one time.

    As for the other materials other than silver, I turned those on for you if you want to order it in one of those. I'd order it in one of those materials myself and take photos, but I'm working on other things. hehe :D If Shapeways rejects the print job for some reason, I wont be able to fix it right now. :)