3D printing with your own 2D printer

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  1. JensRenders
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    This is what is needed to make a 3D printer out of a regular printer:

    -Sheets made of a material that dissolves when a kind of acid is droped upon it
    -Ink patterns with the acid in there instead of ink
    -Software that cuts your 3D model into pieces and sends the 2D images to your printer

    If you have al of this then all thes layers will be 'cut' out of the sheets and you can just push them out en pile them up. But then they still need to become one part... maybe the sheets material can also be such a material that if you heat it up for a certain time, that the layers melt togheter.

    what do you think? anybody good at chemistry?

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    You could always use 123D make. You can create a paper sized material, and cut out the paper, or make a cardboard sized material, print to paper to cut out the card board.