3D printing with amorphous ("glass-like") metal as the end result

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    Hey there folks!

    I just read this article about a new 3D printing method that makes it relatively "easy" to create objects of amorphous metal.
    It's not SLS based though: they use electron beams to selectively sinter metal powder instantly and then the sintered material is actively cooled to leave the metal in it's amorphous state.

    The benefits seems pretty impressing but I'm guessing that one of those EBM machines don't come cheap..

    I'm hoping that Shapeways will have this kind of equipment at hand (or have a subcontractor that can do it) for the more demanding customers at some point in the not too distant future. :D
    When you think about it, one of these EBM printers could bridge the gap between consumer/enthusiast products and full blown ready for industry products.
    There probably is quite some demand for Shapeways' businessmodel in that business segment? :D

    Oh, crap.. now I come of as a sales rep' but I can assure you, I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned below.
    I'm just a Shapeways-customer that would LOVE to do a "material reference kit" with one of those machines or any prints at all for that matter. :D

    Here's the article that got my imagination running wild: 3D printing amorphous steel (Google Translate did a decent job on the article but the title and some other stuff reads like your typical auto-translated garbage)

    Here's direct links to the printer supplier and the company that managed to do the amorphous prints with those (EBM) printers.
    arcam.se - explanation of the EBM process

    Hope you guys find it just as awe-inspiring as I did. :D