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  1. Anasrafiq
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    not a 3d printer but it's a 3d pen printer, this means we can draw art in real life not to be limited on paper hahah,

    This is amazing !!!

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  2. Anasrafiq
    Anasrafiq New Member
  3. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    That's cool! :cool:
  4. Bathsheba
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    I know one of the cofounders slightly, and now I feel unjustifiably proud to have been part of the viral epicenter of that.

    He's got his work cut out for him now though: gotta think of some stretch goals quick! :)

    Meanwhile, here's something similar in wax: http://www.dumatt.com/Tools/mattgun.html
  5. AmLachDesigns
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  6. virtox
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    Well it's true, I saw your FB post , thanks for the early alert!
    I backed it and can't wait for it to arrive :)
  7. 3DmodelerDy
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    Yes I have read articles about first 3D printing pen too ! This is amazing.. what else is going to show up ? little pens that everyone could keep with themselfs and print their ideas everywhere when they want ? :) 3D printing is really going to take the top in everyday life .