3D Printing My Wedding Ring

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by cakenggt, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. cakenggt
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    I usually don't ever leave feedback on things that I buy (besides the occasional "good seller, fast shipping" comment on amazon) but I was just so blown away by shapeways that I have to this time.

    I designed my and my fiance's wedding rings and I got them printed in silver (not at the same time) on shapeways. While I proposed with her wedding ring a couple months ago, I have been putting off printing my own to make sure there was nothing wrong with the model. After printing a prototype in white, strong, & flexible and wearing it for a few weeks, I decided that the latest model was perfect for my ring.

    I ordered my ring on March 20th and the orders page informed me that it would be shipping sometime around April 6th. I eagerly awaited this date, to see it come and go with no shipping announcement. This was not entirely unexpected, as printing a silver ring requires a lot more steps than printing a plastic one, and since I wasn't on any kind of timeline, I patiently waited.

    I got an email yesterday at noon saying that my ring had been mailed. What was so amazing was that I saw on the UPS site that it had been mailed with OVERNIGHT shipping! I didn't order overnight shipping, so it was a huge surprise when I saw that.

    As I write this review now, I am wearing my wedding band and am very happy with it. I would never expect a company to overnight a product to me when they were just a bit overdue on production, and for this I am writing this shining review. So thank you shapeways for the amazing customer service and the amazing ring!
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    It's good to read this positive feedback. I've had good experiences with Shapeways so far, and it's good to hear I'm not alone.

    However, I'm disappointed you didn't post a link to your ring, or a picture of the result. Any chance you could share it for the benefit of the rest of us?!

  3. cakenggt
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    Sorry for the non-update. The shapeways blog actually did a feature on my story, which can be found here.
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    Thanks - that's a great story and a very romantic proposal! Beautiful rings too. This really is what makes 3D printing so brilliant. Like your smelting experience I know I'll never have the skill to properly create objects any other way, so 3D printing breaks down those barriers.