3D Printing a lacrosse head

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Thatkiwiguy, May 5, 2013.

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    After seeing this (insidelacrosse.com/ilgear/news/2012/09/21/smokin-joes-flex- head), I thought that seems pretty possible to 3D print this as I have no idea how you would make a mold, etc etc.

    But I don't know much about 3D printing other that being shown a little at Uni, when a lecturer printed a rabbit. Now from that I see a problem, this would have to be a solid object while his rabbit was hollow with some structuring (sic) in the centre. Is this possible, and if it was would the cost of materials be pretty expensive.

    There's also the difficulty of mocking this up on CAD, I've use inventor/solidworks before although one of those the parts were supplied I just had to join them together. This seems slightly more complicated than that, but if someone with a little more experience could give their .50c on if this was possible.

    Then even if it could be mocked up on CAD would it be feasible at all, in the article it get pretty abused, being a newbie I'd like to know if the materials used for 3d printing would be able to take this stress/impact.

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    That object, printed in WSF (Nylon) should work just fine from a structural standpoint.
    You'd want it solid for strength, but unfortunately, due to the size, it's going to be pretty expensive.
    Look at this model for a rough size/cost comparison... http://shpws.me/n4aL your item is likely to be double the size/cost at least.
  3. It's definitely 3D printable and could be modelled in Inventor or Solidworks. However:
    - It's fairly large (material volume, not bounding box) and will therefore be a bit expensive.
    - The item shown is probably made of polypropylene, given its flexibility. The closest material on here would be WSF which is nylon. Nylon won't be as flexible and due to being sintered, not contiguous, will be more fragile. It would be a good prototyping model, but probably wouldn't survive a game.