3D Printed Zebra Head

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  1. Dotsan
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    No2 in the series of 3D printed animal heads the stripes work perfectly with 3D printing while keeping the cost down. The model is available in white and black strong and flexible. The Zebra head is a available here

    Zebra 3D print by Dot San, on Flickr

    Zebra 3D print by Dot San, on Flickr

    I hired the help of a fellow Shapie Justin Howlett to create the model and he did a grand job.
    No1 in the series the Wire Stag Head is available here

    Expertise: Models created, checked, repaired, shelled and colored
    Experience: 10yrs+
    Rate:Fixed rate,no two jobs are the same,email to discuss

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    Your ideas modeled and checked for 3D Printing by Dot San by Dot San, on Flickr
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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Wow... Perfect.
  3. RalphVdB
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    WOW! love the design! Well done!
  4. carine
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    So amazing! Beautiful work as always :)
  5. jrey
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    That worked out great. Could you share your modeling technique for that?

    EDIT: I guess Justin Howlett would need to do that. Does he post on the forum?
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  6. Dotsan
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    Hey thanks all for the comments, it's an interesting project which will lead to a better designs unique to 3D printing.

    Jrey, the method is to create a shelled form and then split or trim the form with projected curves. Most NURBS software like Rhino 3D and Maya will do this.