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    I'm looking for someone who can take my Illustrator vector or Photoshop image and 3D model it to produce a 2 piece mold.

    Mold will be used to cast a movable silicone Gumby type creature with wire armature. Figure will be used in a short stop motion video.

    See .JPG image attached. Final dimensions of figure is approx 4" W x 4" H. Depth of the body is not critical and as an estimate can be 1" to 1.5" deep. Depth of hands/palms should be approx 0.375 deep.

    Final figure must be able to stand so the depth of the feet can be extended to the rear of the figure to provide best balance with center of gravity centered somewhat over the feet. Final model will be photographed mainly from the front.

    Note regarding image: Arms and legs are too thin to cast with wire armature. We will make adjustments to beef up these elements prior to submitting art.

    Please submit creative ideas, suggestions and estimates.


    Edit: I've added the full logo below. We were originally going to create the red letters from modeling clay. I'd like to consider having them 3D printed if price is reasonable. Height of letters are approx 2.6"

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    PM sent!!