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    I'm starting a physical store specializing in 3d printers and 3d printed merchandise. Currently if you want anything 3d printed you have to go online (here mainly), and pay for shipping, and wait for it to arrive. My store will place the world of 3d printing right in the customers fingertips. This is a brand new way of looking at the retail business.

    I all ready have one company that wants me to re-sell their 3d printer in my store. Acuity Designs will be the first 3d printer company on my shelves with the Helix 3d Printer.

    Anyway, I need merchandise and money so I've started a fundable.com account. They are just like Kickstarter but I can offer better rewards. For instance, anyone that contributes to my fundraiser I will place their 3d printable model on my shelves and in my catalog FOREVER. Every time your creation sells I will give you 10% of the purchase price. Small price for you to pay for long term rewards in the end. If your interested just visit my fundraiser and like my project to get the word out and contribute if you want.

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    Check out my page again, I've done a few v-log updates and included a link to our first news story.

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    I just want to say thanks for all the PM messages! I've gotten such good feedback, and I can't wait to start this business for you guys!
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    We are almost done with the fundraiser. Remember you don't have to have a model ready now, I'll give you some leeway with it. Hurry and donate now because I only have 9 days left!!