3D print designer needed, garment district New York City

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  1. Joesnyc
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    i'm in the kateboard business and i need a 3d print designer in the NYC midtown area. i have a lot of ideas that i'de like printed up.
    i'm a start up company so i am on a budget.
    but hit me up lets see what we can accomplish.
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  2. TitanArt
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    Hello, your post is kind of vague but since I am into skateboarding I wanted to help you out. I have several years of experience in a variety of creative fields including game design and product modeling. I currently specialize in producing high poly models for product developers, most of which happen to be automotive and inventions. This means that I see a ton of different concepts come across my desk.

    James Williams
    Titan Art Lead Artist
    Email: TitanArt@live.com
    Website: http://ndevgames.wordpress.com/

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