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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by jmamczyk, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. jmamczyk
    jmamczyk New Member

    I'm new to this forum, but I would really like to start right away!
    I have some years of experience in creating 3D models, especially in mechanical parts.
    But if you have anything else other than mechanical parts, feel free to send your ideas to me and maybe I can create a model for you!


  2. Guardian
    Guardian New Member

    Would you be able to re create a ring from pictures? Theres a picture of the ring attached.

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  3. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
  4. Guardian
    Guardian New Member
    Yea I saw that one but the ring I would want made has a few differences and I would want it in my size as well.
  5. jmamczyk
    jmamczyk New Member
    Yes I can make a model of that ring for you.
    One thing could be a little problem and that is the relief on the base on the ring itself.

    One question for you Guardian: that ring on your picture, do you have that? If so, could you please make a drawing on paper or in Paint with all the correct dimensions?
    Maybe I could make a quick sketch of the ring so that you can add the dimensions?

    If you don't have the ring in your possession, than please send some more pictures. Maybe it is better to do that via PM.

  6. wilobe
    wilobe New Member
    Hello. I need a seal put into a 3D model. Just need the symbol and the ring around it modeled, and if possible, the words added. The symbol should touch the ring for support. Do not need any of the textured background added. I want to create a thin metal seal that can be attached to a wood plaque for presentation. This is my first time attempting this, so let me know what questions you have and your pricing. Thanks


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  7. jmamczyk
    jmamczyk New Member
    Check your PM's Rob.
  8. jmamczyk
    jmamczyk New Member
    Does anyone need a 3D model, because it is becoming a bit quite on the forum unfortunately?

    Please reply on this message or send me a PM!
    Hope to hear from anyone soon!

    mAYANKpANCHAL New Member
    Hey do you still need that model to be done? I know its august now...