3D modeller for hire, 20+ years experience

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a professional 3d freelancer, my core business is delivering high-quality digital imaging solutions, from initial concept through to final delivery. Clients include global corporations, brands & design/media agencies in the UK & abroad.

    My first experience with 3d printing was in 2005, working with math-model specialist, Bathsheba Grossman. Since then I have produced many works under NDA for a large number of corporate clients, yet would love to work direct with the wider public as 3d printing becomes ever more democratized.

    my website portfolio:

    I'm UK based, I model primarily in Lightwave 3D & have a full suite of export software to virtually every concievable format.
    My hourly rate is £30hr [which currently translates to $48hr].

    If you wish to discuss possibilities do drop me a line at:

    Many thanks for reading, and best wishes for all your modelling projects.
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