3D modeling, Architecture & Product Design.

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    I go by the name Tuxu and have a vast knowledge and experience in the field of Design and Production.

    I've decided to take jobs here as a part of a local city-wide educational project that I am promoting.

    I have experience in the fields of Education, 3D modeling, Architecture & Product Design and Marketing.

    The size of the project you might want me to accomplish for you does not matter to me, could be a quick sketch or a multifaceted effort - however I request that you contact me if you have decided that you are serious about making this idea of yours happen and I'll be more then happy to advise as needed and bring your thoughts into the realm of existence. :)

    Rates and payments will be concluded with the clients based on the scale of the project and according to it's complexity.
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    PM is being sent.
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    How do I send you an email? I would like to get your address to discuss having some work done.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Never mind... LOL... I just sent you a PM... Thanks again... :blush: