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    I'm an indie fantasy writer - meaning I publish my own books. I'd like to have some miniatures made of the characters in my book. There is a total of 6 characters, but I'd be happy with only one if the price demands it.

    I've attached a sketch done by another artist of all 6 characters. The poses in the pictures won't necessarily be what I want for the miniatures. The characters are elves, and are an elite military unit - think Delta Force or Navy Seals but as elves!

    I need help with getting 3D models put together so I can get the minis sculpted and such. I have a very small budget, so please let me know the cost per character. This way I can decide if I'll just go with the main character or all 6 of them.

    Thank you! Please let me know if you need any other specifics about this project. I'd be glad to answer them.

    Thank you,
    Anastasia V. Pergakis

    ** For reference: In the picture below the characters names are follows (left to right)
    Jardel --- Tyn --- Kie --- Derac --- Rakan --- Aeli
    Derac is the main character in the story
    Kinir Elite - Anastasia V Pergakis.jpg
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    Hello! It's me again.

    Thank you so much to everyone who sent me private messages with their quotes and things. I truly appreciate it. I'm looking over my budget right now (just released the audio book edition of the book, so things are a bit tight financially). But I'm hoping next month-ish (April) I can get this started.

    I'll reply directly to you if I need more information from you - and ultimately with the green light to proceed.

    Again thank you for everyone who replied to my request!
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