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    Hi my name is Nestor Chavez and I have been a 3d modeler for 8 years with 3+ years of game industry experience.I have obtained a degree in 3d design from Los Angeles Mission College Institute of Multimedia Arts.I have done various freelance gigs such as prototyping for inventors, visualization rendering, game character modeling,animation and modeling in general for games.I am looking for paid work only, if you are interested and want to see some of my work please visit my website www.nestord3dmodeler.weebly.com and/or contact me at nestor_c@yahoo.com .Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

    Skype name: nestor_c818

    NOTE: I only do paid work and no royalty jobs,considering I need money now and not in weeks or months from now.Sorry I can not do free work but I can guarantee low rates and I am always open to any negotiations.

    WIP of Visari
    [​IMG]...AND MUCH MORE....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzIpSl43X4g&feature=relat ed[/video]

    Here is my IllgaMesh being used live in a concert San Diego,Ca.I was hired by Image8nineteen,on a project for DJ Skrillex world tour.
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    Bump for work.
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    Bump, available for more work.
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    I'm searching for a 3D modeller to do military figures and tanks at a reasonable price for sending them later the shapeways to print. Just drop me a line with an answer if you're interested or not. cheers!