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    My partner and I are searching for a 3D modeler who can work with us to create a product we have been working on for the past several weeks. While we already have a design, we need your expertise in creating a detailed 3D model of the product. There will be some specific features we need constructed in order to create a compact and attractive product. We would like for it to be made of a flexible material and capable of coming in multiple colors. We will need you to be committed to working with us in the next several weeks to make any adjustments necessary. We are open to discuss a fair price, which includes provisions related to how much more work will need to be done after initial design completion. If you are interested in discussing this project in further detail, please let us know. Also, we will ask that you sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to beginning work on the project. We are very excited about getting this started ASAP and hope we can reach agreeable terms to work together.
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    Hi mickandnick,

    Please can you PM me or send an email with more info to paul@stop4stuff.com so that we can discuss further.

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    pm sent
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