3D Modeler needed to translate intricate black, white, and grey design into silver

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  1. shbhanda
    shbhanda New Member
    Looking for a modeler that is wiling to translate the following design into a silver pendant with a loop that should cost no more than $30-$40. Wanting to keep as much of the original intricacy of the design and hopefully have as many holes in the piece as possible. Only can afford to pay $60 now, but if I like it a lot there should be a lot of regular business as I get my fabric and jewelry company off the ground: www.facebook.com/shivura

    At that point I should be able to pay more for the pieces.

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  2. irokrhus
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    I'll take a look at it, what material it will be, silver glossy or normal, the material may decrease costs.
  3. shbhanda
    shbhanda New Member
    silver glossy would be nice