3D modeler needed To Make Star Trek Ships

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  1. mjb1982
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    i wish to have a few 3d models created of some star trek ships which i cant find anywhere

    the ships im looking for are

    Breen Warship
    Sonar Warship
    USS Dauntless
    Nova class Star ship

    i have added the breen warship with this post.
    please Messgae me if you can Help and to Discuss Further!!!!

    i would be most Greatfull for any help anyone can Give!!


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  2. siefs11
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    PM sent
  3. Fredd
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    You could post in the forums at Scifi mesh for help. Many good modelers there, who possibly have a model you could use premade
  4. BrotherJim
    BrotherJim Member
    I would be interested in a 1/7000 scale model for the following:

    Either version of the Nova class (would be about 32mm long).
    Dauntless class (would be about 26mm long (180m)).
    I wouldn't be upset if the Dauntless was bigger as long as it wasn't longer than 32mm.

    Nova class(es)

    Dauntless class
  5. DMC
    DMC New Member
    I know of someone who would be interested in a few Star Trek files....

    This is an old 3D Systems printer I am working on w/friend in CA.

    Guess who?



  6. DMC
    DMC New Member
    I have Borg ship and a bunch of other files....been a while since I browsed thru'em.

    I'm at home...maybe on Mon I'll find something?

  7. DMC
    DMC New Member
    This was built with 16uM slices in Z and about 32x32uM in X-Y



    Support wax melting in Corn oil...The Interior of Ship is complete, but impossible to see unless you cut ship apart.
    I paused the printer and got the see the slices of interior.
    Pretty cool I guess?

    Radio Dish is probably .08mm thin! Can't touch it! Many little pipes and details came out, but are sooo fragile (French) Windshield is thinner than that!

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