3D Modeler Needed To Design Lego Helmet

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by clonekiller, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. clonekiller
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    As I know nothing about 3D modeling I thought I would come here and hire someone who does know about 3d modeling.

    I am looking to spend $30-60 for some one to design this model.

    Now onto what I need.

    I need the image of the helmet below designed into a 3d Lego Helmet. The helmet model must be able to fit a real life Lego Mini figure head.


    Here are images of a Lego head and also a Lego helmet.

    Lego Head measurements

    Inside a Lego helmet

    Lego Head Side View

    Lego head top view

    You can contact me either by the Shape ways P.M system or send me an email.

    My email is jess-lindvig@hotmail.com.

  2. MVG
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    Hi, I tried to email you but it seemed that you wrote a wrong email address.

    I think we can do the helmet for you at $60 if you have a few of them to order (because it will take us some time to create the head to exacting lego specs so that it fits- we will need to do additional research and modeling).

    If you just need one helmet, we won't be able to do it for that amount, but we could do one helmet for $140.

    Please see our gallery here:

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions,

    Best regards,