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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by GreenApples, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. GreenApples
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    I created a 3D model as a gift for my girlfriend, but the detail level is too high.
    Would somebody be able to help me with that?


    Edit: would like to print in silver
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  2. gafsadesign
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    what you mean ?
  3. GreenApples
    GreenApples New Member
    I mean that when i ordered the model, I got an email saying that the details were too small to print, so I think there must be some details that are too small, but I'm not sure which ones.
  4. gafsadesign
    gafsadesign Well-Known Member
  5. modelmonk
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  6. Fredd
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    Green what is happening is that your model has 34 shells, some are which are very small. When SW's Mesh medic tries to boolean union them into 1 mesh, the smaller pieces of the topo map get ignored, then it tries to print the tiny details as a single object.(Thus detail too small comment. You could try using Netfabb's cloud service(free) for stls to boolean all the shells together.It can handle small shells better.
    The landscape emboss was ok, around .37mm. The engraved font was not deep enough, .250mm. Min is .3mm for silver. The part the chain will go through needs to be a solid, now it is not manifold, you need this for a boolean union. With this info you should be able to fix it yourself. If not pm me the image of the landscape you used, or I will just walk you through what you need to fix it.