3D modeler needed for straightforward but morally rewarding job

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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to print something here at shapeways but I lack any experience in 3d modeling and am not even sure it's possible so I'm looking for someone who may be able to help me.

    Let me start by describing the background of this project: This year my girlfriend's father passed away way to early at the age of 60. Needless to say she was heartbroken. To remember him she decided she would like to have an amulet with his fingerprint embedded in it (like the one depicted here: http://oneofakind-hasselt.com/UplImg/VINGERPRINT%20HANGER.jp g). We found a company to this for us, and so, just before he was cremated the funeral home took his fingerprints. Much to our dismay they decided not to put the fingerprints in clay or silicone or anyhting with depth, but to simply gives us a couple of pieces of cardboard with ink on them. Needless to say the company which was going to make the amulet couldn't do anything with them because they lacked depth. And since he has since been cremated we don't have any way of getting new prints. So basically we're stuck.

    In a brainwave I remembered 3d printing and asked the jewlery company if a 3d-print would suffice, and luckily they said yes. But that just shifted the problem somewhat since I now have a few pieces of cardboard containing and an idea of how to get a 3d model of them, but no actual skills to do so.

    So is there anyone up to the (I think reasonably straightforward) task of creating a printable 3d-model of one of the fingerprints? I''m not sure if it's even possible with the level of detail that's required but I'm sure an experienced modeler might be able to help me with that as well. Me, my girlfriend and my in-laws would be really greatful to anyone willing to help. Just send me a PM if you're willing to help. And since no one's time is free a monetary compensation can also be discussed.

    I'll attach an earlier scan I made of the fingerprints, if required I can attempt to make a higher res scan.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Several people have responded to this project (thank you for that!) and I have found someone who is willing to build the model for me. Further responses will thus not be required and this thread can now be locked!

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    Thanks to the help of InnerbreedFX we were actually able to get 3 neckalces made. The end result was everything we hoped for, I hightly recommend hiring this man, his talents and altruism have helped us a lot and for that we are greatful. I attached images of the necklaces to this post for all to see.

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    And here's a shot of one necklace up close.

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    oh wow the final result is fantastic. im so pleased its worked out for. really i am.
    and as touch by your request (although circumstances) as i was, im even more happy its what you wanted.

    good luck with everything man.