3D modeler needed for mask design!

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    Hi! I'm new here, and i have a very great favor to ask of someone. I need a life size 3d model of this mask made for me so i can make this mask for a costume. I would be very grateful if someone would help me out by only making the grey "skull" looking portion of the mask. Whoever would do this for me would be credited in all showings of the mask and would definitely be forever in my debt! And i should probably mention this; it is for a non-profit film, so it does need to be as close as possible (including dents and curves). Here are reference pictures
    http://www.sidequesting.com/wp-content/uploads/Dishonored016 .jpg?9d7bd4
    and here is a website where you can get a full 360 look at it.
    http://www.dishonored.com/revengesolveseverything (the mask on this site actually can be pulled apart in pieces by clicking and dragging upwards)
    Keep in mind its just the grey aluminum skull looking portion of the mask. If someone tries to tackle this for me, you have no clue how much it would mean to me!
    thank you so much! :)
    EDIT: Thank you to everyone who has been interested in helping me with this project! But, i actually just had a friend message me telling me he has made one for me. Thank you!
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    Well I can model it for you in Zbrush for a fee. I don't think anyone is going to do it for free..that's a lot of work.

    Best of luck.