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  1. To Potential Candidates:

    I am looking for a professional 3D CAD designer/engineer with experience. Familiarity with 3D Printers is a plus (see link at bottom). I have several invention ideas and I want to see them become real. Once I have a working prototype (which will be the next stage), I will do what I can to make $ on it.

    The first idea is a modified zipper slider, and so you will be working with small dimensions. I will need it engineered on CAD in a format compatible with 3D printers. I will handle all costs. If you can show me some engineering work you have done on CAD, I will take you more seriously. The more creativity in the design, the more easily we will be able to work together.

    The cut I am offering is 15% of whatever the idea sells for. If I am impressed with your work ethic and ability, I will make that 20% on the next invention and 25% moving forwards from there. This could means nothing, it could mean millions. Finding out will all be part of the fun.

    If you are interested, please contact me.



    3D Printing link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvEPxmkGU5M
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    Hi James,

    I've sent an email.

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    are you looking for stuff that works with makerbot? or stuff that can be made? I have a makerbot and they are extremely limited in what they can make. Partially because of the backwards design partially because of the need for suport material.