3D modeler needed for a jewelry pendant with fine details

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  1. smithkelly33
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    I have a small pendant with a solid cetner figure and then thin leaf or feather like lines and fronds around. I have the image I drew out that my friend created into a digital image.

    I now need to take the next step and get it made into a 3D rendering I can then use Shapeways to print. So it will require to be compliant to Shapeways requirements.

    I am looking to possibly make 1-3 version so i can test which one is preferrred once printed.

    Please contact me directly and I can supply you a copy of my trademarked image for quote purpose.

    Thank you!
  2. smithkelly33
    smithkelly33 New Member
    or you can PM me. I'm new to the site so I just noticed PM capability here :laughing:
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    I sent you a PM

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    Pm sent
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    PM sent.