3D Modeler looking for fun creative projects, I want to bring your ideas to life!

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  1. redpanda608
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    Dave Wood here. I am look to work with fun creative people who want their ideas 3D printed! It's an amazing feeling to open that shapeways box and pull out the idea you have had in your head and hold it in your hands!
    I am building my portfolio and I dream of working as a 3D modeler full time. But for the time being I need creative direction! My pricing is reasonable and is open for discussion. I will work with you on a per project price that we can both be happy with. I take paypal.
    Here is an example of an idea come to life through my modeling and 3D printing!

    If you would like to know more about this design visit Scott Roush's blog on his website here.

    This is my very first 3D render project and I am very happy with how it turned out.

    This is a 3D render I did to aid me as I remodeled my aunt's kitchen.

    Also please visit my shop to see some work I have done for other shapeways forum members here:

    Please reply to this post and I will get back to you quickly.

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  3. BigRockForge
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    I've been working with Dave on modeling some historical components for swords including a complex Scottish basket hilt. He has been great and has shown dedication in doing his own research so that he understands what I want. He works fast and his communication skills are excellent. I would highly recommend hiring Dave for 3D design.
  4. jfisher92
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    Had Dave model a belt buckle for me, he had it done in a couple hours. He also helped recommend what materials to go with. This guy knows what he is doing. I am extremely happy with what he designed for me!
  5. redpanda608
    redpanda608 New Member
    A finished and printed 1:164 scale Cessna with prop and landing gears!
  6. michelleisfirst
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    How much do you charge for your work? I need to have something I created in illustrator re-created as a 3D model on shapeway.

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  7. redpanda608
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    Hello Michelle,
    I have sent you a private message regarding your question.