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  1. unicornstudios
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    Hello there!
    We, Unicorn Studios, are searching for a 3D Modeler who can meet our expectations. All members are in the team for the Experience, no payment is given to any member.
    Here in US (Unicorn Studios), we want to experience teamwork and meet new people :)
    Let me tell you a few things about us :) We are a team based on Rhodes, Greece and we are making Indie games.
    Our Members are so far:
    Nick Chalvatzakis: Game Programmer
    Evi Triantafilla: Concept Artist/Illustrator
    Danaos Christopoulos: Motion Graphic Designer

    Our current project is called "The Midnight Game" wich is based on a Creepy Pasta that you can find here:
    http://inuscreepystuff.blogspot.gr/2010/08/midnight-game-ins tructions.html

    As I said,we need a 3D Modeler to make an Interior for the House, we already have the Blueprints wich you can see here:

    If you are interested, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at: unicornstd.info@gmail.com

    Thank you for listening to us!
    Hope to hear from you soon! :)
  2. ComesToLife
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    I have 8 years of experience, but I can't pay my bills with that...
  3. unicornstudios
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    Like I said, this thread is made for people who want experiece and learn to cooperate with other people, for people with 8 years experience this thread isn't what they are looking for :)
    Thank you for your time.
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    email sent
  5. Reidh
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    here is my preliminary floor plan overlaid on your rough sketch. at this pt. just the int. walls. I made them approx. 6" thk.. With the front window at 6.0 ft. that makes the rest of the plan the size it is. ( if that window in Room No.10 isn't 6 ft wide I can change it and the rest of the Plan easily, but you should tie down the dimension at least one feature ) I hope you can read the dims I put in there. print this out big enough for you to trace and change with new lines and stuff. You probably want a wider bathroom at No.2 for instance. You can get the dimensions of everything if you take a straight edge and mark the opening of the closet doors in room No.4. That opening is four (4 ) feet wide. then divide it equally into 4 parts and continue to mark it incrementally and voilà a little scale ruler. I started this this morning at 9 or 10 am. The stairs right now are going down stairs. I am anticipating making the ceilings 8 ft. above the floors. I didn't put in window opg.s nor windows or doors. Ultimately I can add everything from carpets to drapes to furniture to T.V.s etc. if you can give reference files of anything to make it look like what you really really want. that would help. Is this in the ballpark of what you were asking for? So far this is just talking paper, okay? :cool:

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    Dear sir
    i have good experience 3d design realistic exterior and interior
    I will do this job right time
    Thanks for your


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    Dude this last post was 2 years ago ...