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    THEDEISEL New Member
    I have been modeling for various people for a while now, so I thought I may as well post an ad on here.

    Who am I?

    My name is Joseph, and I'm and engineer student. I have been making models for people for a few years on the side, and I love doing it.
    I use Autodesk Inventor, but I can export it to .STEP and many other types if needed.
    I recently was laid off from CBP Fabrications as an engineer due to low demands from clients.

    What do I mainly do?

    I have been mainly modeling Military hardware for people, and I have done other items as well. My current project I'm doing is a prototype Ipod dock.

    If you have an idea, but no sketch, no problem! I'll help you through the whole process. I can help you get the design down, the dimensions/3D model, and help you get it printed/CNC'ed.

    If you've got something, I can make it. :D


    It really depends on the part(s), but it usually is pretty low. I can get a quote to you within 48 hours after receiving some sort of drawing/sketch with some dimensions.

    Contact info:
    Please don't hesitate to email me at jfrsys@yahoo.com
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  2. OWLHH
    OWLHH New Member

    I have some parts to see if they can be made for multi-rotors I build.

    A propeller quard and Dome atachement ring.

    My web site is www.xtremedrones.com

    Howard Hornsby
    THEDEISEL New Member
    Hi Howard,

    Do you have any sketches with dimensions?
    I am very interested in helping you out.

    Please email me at jfrsys@yahoo.com

  4. patleaver
    patleaver New Member
    I sent an email to the address listed by no reply as of yet.
  5. OWLHH
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    THEDEISEL New Member
    Sorry about that Howard. As of Monday, I have been swamped. After the mass shooting, everyone is in a panic for getting AR-15 parts, so I have been designing some for a few people.

    I shall get to all of your emails shortly.
  7. bradym92
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  8. stonysmith
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    Since none of the Shapeways materials (except ceramic) are considered food-safe, it's probably best to not use them with an e-cig.
    THEDEISEL New Member
    Right. Your best bet would be CNCing the parts instead..
  10. DarakuTenshi
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    THEDEISEL New Member
    Yeah, I could do that.

    Email me at jfrsys@yahoo.com and we can talk out the details.

    THEDEISEL New Member
    Duplicate message, sorry.
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  13. PWendt
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    I want to create a jeans button and I made together with the button maker the technical sketches.
    But this time I decided to give shape way a trial. So I need your help in getting the best results by creating the correct files to print

    1. as 3d PDF button but using as a surface the surface of the skull attached in the other picture
    2. one wire frame option ( not sure ıf that can be printed )

    Print material - Stainless Steel or silver

    Please send me your offer including lead time, price and some links to your previous works.
    Any questions please use pwistanbul@gmail.com

    Many thanks


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    THEDEISEL New Member
    Hey everyone.

    I have gotten a lot more responses than I ever thought I would this past month. I have already done several models for people, and they really like them. :)

    I am currently working on a mass production deal for someone, working out the kinks and such, so I've been only able to do a few here and there right now. I am all caught up I believe on the models emailed to me.

  15. DarakuTenshi
    DarakuTenshi New Member
    Since my emails were being ignored I figured something happened. It's just too bad that I had to turn down other modelers. Thank you and good luck on your current projects.
  16. ckat
    ckat New Member
    where are you based out of and would you sign a non disclosure agreement? thanks so much
    THEDEISEL New Member
    I am about 15 minutes north of Detroit, MI.

    Yes I can.
  18. patleaver
    patleaver New Member
    Joseph -

    We talked about making a small part for me and photos with dimensions were emailed back in December. I see you were quite busy with projects. How is your schedule at this point? Can we resume work?

  19. DarakuTenshi
    DarakuTenshi New Member
    He must have bit-off more than he could chew, because he said the same thing to me.