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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by SgtBurned, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. SgtBurned
    SgtBurned New Member
    Will charge $0 for the model, the only thing I ask of is that if you do have it printed, That you send me a picture of what it turned out like and I can use the said Model & Photo to make up my Portfolio.

    About me: I Love modelling in 3D but have only started working on my Portfolio. I Also code a lot and am Currently working on a Character for a company.
    Expertise: I can do very precise models.
    Experience: Working as a Volunteer for Fireshark Studios e.g Im modelling a few things for them for free.
    Portfolio: None, But I have a selection of some models I made a few weeks back. http://imgur.com/a/bQCnN#0 http://imgur.com/a/718Mu#0
    Rate: $0 Per Hour!
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  2. keland44
    keland44 New Member
    okay you twisted my arm i'm interested in seeing if you want to help me create car mount for my touchpad if so feel free to email me at keland44@gmail.com
  3. samule746
    samule746 New Member
    :) I am very happy I could find a FREE modeler :)

    My youtube name is VCNinc, I hold many contests, and I need a trophe for one of them. It should be a picture of a minecraft person (Using the DEFAULT skin) holding a piece of redstone. The base of the trophe should be engraved with "Redstoneer Of The Year"

    I am aiming for a $7-$11 dollar value. Please get started.

    :( Unfortunately, if you start charging money, please cancel my request and don't take any payment :(

    Im just too poor.

  4. old_Rusty1954
    old_Rusty1954 New Member
    Can some one help me out

    Hi Iam a 15mm scale military modeler have a image of a Polish Kubbus from WWII do not know much about 3D modeling or how it is done but would like some one to make me a model of this ,if there is a cost I can deal with that as there is nothing for FREE.
    Regards Russell
    Southern Tasmania Australia

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  5. cj53189
    cj53189 New Member
    I would very much like to make a metal pendant of my tattoo as shown below. I always get compliments on it and anyone who is a fan and knows what it's from should immediately want a pendant of it, I know I do.

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  6. LokiOdinsson
    LokiOdinsson New Member
    Hello Sgt,
    I would like to get a ring designed like this one (http://www.shapeways.com/model/325152/ag-ring-21mm.html) from TaffGoch (credit where it's due), except with the gold element (Au). I would like it to be printable in Gold Plated - Glossy. Also, if I am not following the correct protocol, please forgive me, I joined Shapeways quite literally two minutes ago.

    Cheers and thanks for your time,
  7. SgtBurned
    SgtBurned New Member
    It will be done as soon as I have done some other models for some other people. Don't worry. It will be done within the week.
  8. LokiOdinsson
    LokiOdinsson New Member
  9. padme911
    padme911 New Member
    Sent you a PM and looking forward to a response. Thanks :)
  10. chobit389
    chobit389 New Member
  11. Cashcleaner
    Cashcleaner New Member
    PM sent regarding 25mm military figures. Really like the Cobra you posted on your gallery page!
  12. panmis
    panmis New Member
    You are crazy and I like you.
    PM sent abou Angel Blade
  13. Akash
    Akash New Member
    Hey you post interest me. Do you want to help me make a 3d design of an iPhone case. Email me at strollerdesign@gmail.com if your interested.
  14. Robjames112
    Robjames112 New Member
    I was wondering if you might take a look at a few files of mine. I have eliminated the vast majority of errors but it's still not good for Shapeways as it has multiple shells.
  15. flareobox
    flareobox New Member

    I would really like a Slenderman model for the game I am making at the moment even though you are probably very caught up with jobs to do at the moment but it would be really helpful to me as I just can't model. I will add a picture of what he looks like to this. You might need more pictures though.

    I really like what your doing!

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  16. timpmandan
    timpmandan New Member
    I need one of these!

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  17. SgtBurned
    SgtBurned New Member
    Major Overload. I will have to shut down this Forum post due to being overworked. To the people I have not yet Messaged. Sorry, 40+ People in under a month is a lot of work for one person with college work to do also. Email me if you don't have a time limit though.