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  1. Steve3d
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    Hi, welcome to Coolhand Customs, an adventure in 3D printing and graphics for over a decade!

    Services include, 3D modelling, Sculpting, Image Rendering, Animation and more!

    If you can imagine it, we can build it, if you can't imagine it, we will imagine it for you!

    https://www.facebook.com/CoolhandCustoms - NEW facebook page.

    Check out some previous work on my BLOG: http://coolhandcustoms.blogspot.co.uk/


    tank car 16.jpg

    Expansion cover new 08.jpg


    droppod_03 (2) copy.jpg
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  2. Scouls502
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    After obtaining some of the excellent A-Wings from Steve's shop I contacted him in the hope he might be able to create a 1/700 Yak-28 Firebar aircraft. Less than an hour later, much to my surprise, a working design was presented to me.

    The Firebar's are on order, however, if the A-Wings are anything to go by I'll love the finished product and might put some more ideas his way. :D
  3. Steve was a pleasure to work with.

    Completely willing to deal with all changes and redesigns. Great communication and very fast responses.

    Totally satisfied with final product.
  4. Steve please contact me.

  5. musicutopia
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    Hi there,
    are you able to do 3D models of bolts and nuts (threading) assembly?

    I'm a Singapore based craftsman needing some specialised plastic parts.

    Yours truly,
  6. Steve3d
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    pm sent
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  7. musicutopia
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    Just got my bolt and nuts (threading works) proto-types sculptured by Steve.
    Very efficient and meticulous, even provides well-thoughts of input on improving my designs.
    Best of all, he offers his service at a fair price rates.

    Definitely will come back to him for more 3D imaging assignments!

    Thank you Steve!
    Warmest regards from Singapore.
  8. YNOT
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    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am wondering if you can fabricate a 400 Chevy automatic transmission for my 1957 Chevy model 1:12 scale.

    Thank you for you assistance,

    Anthony Karczewski
  9. Hi Steve,

    Please contact me. Would like a quote for a very simple modification to a custom plastic mug.

  10. Steve3d
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    PM's sent :)
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  11. It is safe to say that I have found my permanent 3d modeler/designer. I am very satisfied with Steve's work and his prices are very good without sacrificing quality. Thanks Steve!!
  12. Hi Steve
    Your email isn't on here, could you please PM me. Thanks, it's a bit urgent.
  13. ShishiRanger
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    do you think you can help me make: River Iri, River Esk, River Mite, Northern Rock, Lady Wakefield, Perkins, Cyril, Douglas Ferreria and Shelagh of Eskdale for me in O9 scale?
  14. musicutopia
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    Extremely efficient and professional, with very fair price quotes!
    Engaged Steve for his modelling services and it was a breeze, extremely well-informed/honed 3D modeler.
    Communication was easy and Steve offers sound solutions to many of my 3D problems.
    Definitely will return to Steve to get more 3D assignments done. =D
  15. Looking for a few 3d models done. One being a model if my 1year old daughter. I'm not sure what is needed from myself for you to give me a quote?

  16. Hi Steve!
    I may have some projects I'd like to work on with you (Especially since you have such great feedback!) but I want to make sure that if I do work with you we can negotiate a contract/agreement in such a way that the designs and models become my property. I want to start a small business, so I'd like the designs to be under my own name, and I would be paying you to turn my detailed sketches into 3D renderings. Is that something we can work out?

    Also, would I get a price quote from you after I send you sketches?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  17. Hello,

    Do you do rings ?
    I have a design in mind for a ring with a celtic knot on it and am looking for a modeller to make the model so Shapeways can print it.

    Can you help ?


  18. I contacted Steve because he had such great feedback but I was a little worried because my concept was so basic. Steve respond quickly and was very professional as he worked on the model concept. I was surprised at how fast Steve worked up a draft for review and very pleased with the outcome.

    I would recommend Steve for any job big or small without hesitation. It is so refreshing to work with someone who takes pride in their work and delivers exactly what they advertise. The customer care and follow up that Steve provided was fantastic. Over all great experience and a very fair price!

    Cara Giannoni
  19. Hi,

    May I call or email you regarding a design project?

    I'm seeking a designer who can work on site in Manhattan for the first project, them remote for other projects.

    Projects include:

    - novel water bottle concept

    - cobra belt buckle

    - glasses

    - skull mask

    Please reply to smugsly1@gmail.com