3d modeler can create characters or whatever you need at decent prices.

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    Posted this once, but I failed to follow the template.

    About me: I am an experienced 3d modeler who has done models for games, shows, and 3d printing. Some of my work has won awards and honors on the major CG websites. I can create your model from whatever you have, either sketches, concept art, or just ideas.

    Expertise: I can create anything you need, but I particularly skilled in anatomy and characters.

    Experience: Several years of successful freelancing for games, tv, and 3d prints. I also have experience working with 3d scan data.

    Portfolio: www.yurialexander.com

    Rate: please email me to discuss your project. Each project is different, but my rates are very reasonable for what I've seen quoted.

    For more of my work, please visit my portfolio, www.yurialexander.com

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    Can you turn kids drawings into 3d toy models? If so please let me know as soon as possible.

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