3D Modeler based in NYC area needed

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    I am looking for a 3D modeler based in the NYC area to create jewelery models for me. Most are based off of existing designs I have already made, so it is easiest if I can meet with the person initially to show them the physical piece in person. A lot seems to be getting lost in translation via long distance email and photo sending exclusively.

    Thank you!
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    Sharpen 3D Solution is a professional 3D modeling and design company. Our designers have more than 7 years experience in Computer Graphics and 3D model designs. Please email us at: info@sharpen3d.com for more information.

    Sharpen 3D Solution
    Room 1701,NO.54, YuJingGang Road,
    ZhaBei District, Shanghai, China 200070
    M: +86 1867 3560 526
    Email: info@sharpen3d.com

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    Hi Adrienne,

    I am trained as an architect with 30 years experience in spatial concepts. I run a small studio that also does green design. I operate out of the area of philadelphia and have no problem to come to ny for initial meetings. As said I am a small shop with little overhead and would love to help you out with 3d work.

    Kind regards

    Jean-Pierre Brokken