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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by maiamerav, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. maiamerav
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    I'm an experienced 2D and 3D modeler (specializing in jewelry, but able to take on other projects) who has passed the Level II Rhino Course with McNeel. I'm available for freelance work. Please pm me if you'd like a link to my portfolio.


  2. mattimusprime
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    could you, and how much would you charge to reproduce this piece a bit bigger than it is on the actual figure.
    like 3"x2.5"
    thank you.

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  3. maiamerav
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    It depends. I see part of a figure here--do you want to reproduce the entire piece or just the torso and head? Do you want it to be one solid piece or does it have movable limbs?

    I would need the actual figure to model from, and I can model the piece for somewhere in the rage of $300-$500, depending on your requirements and the actual amount of work.

    There is also a 3D scanner, which you might get good results with, if you can find people using it. It can take an object and scan it to create an exact replica. You could then resize the file to your specs.