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  1. Tizeye
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    Hi :cool:
    I'm in New Zealand and I have had a new product designed that I want a 3D model made of. I'm having trouble finding anyone down here that can do it for me so I've joined this group hoping that someone will be able to help. I have CAD files of it I just need someone to make me a sample so that I can make sure that everything is going to work before I go to the expense of getting a mold made.
    Any help or advise would be appreciated. I'm not a big company just a guy working from home with an idea.

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  2. stonysmith
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    If you already have the cad file, that's what Shapeways is for.
    Just export the file into one of the accepted formats, then upload it to your account here.
    You can then order the item, and Shapeways will print it on one of their printers for you.
  3. Tizeye
    Tizeye New Member
    Excellent thanks very much I will get the file sent to me in the correct format
  4. Tizeye
    Tizeye New Member
    Sorry one more question for you. Where do I find out what the required formats are?
  5. stonysmith
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