3D Model of a skunk + owl hybrid

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  1. davenejo
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    A 3D model of a hybrid animal species - A combination of a skunk with the wings and talons of a snowy spotted owl

    This 3D model will be used in a mobile game and the character will also be manufactured into a physical sculpture. It should be the shell/mesh without a skeleton (i.e. hollow)

    The attached image shows the "hybrid" character mockup, but this doesn't have to exactly replicate the image in that it should be a logical true to life looking model of a skunk + snowy owl hybrid. The final character should have a skunks body with owl wings and owl talons.

    It would make sense to have the owl wings springing from the white strips on the skunks back from a "melding" standpoint. Talons/claws from the skunk "paws" should make sense in term of appearance, not just be tacked on.

    File Delivery

    3D Models - 3DMax files, .OBJ - the colored render as well as the non-colored render of the character

    Images of 3D Model - Turnarounds in JPEG - Front, Back, Both Sides, Top

    This is something we want to turn around asap

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    A skowl?
  3. codexehow
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    I strongly suggest having this done in Zbrush. Nothing compares to Zbrush in modelling organic forms.

    I can complete the model in a few days, including normal/displacement/specular maps so that you can import the low-poly version into Max.

    I'll also provide a decimated, hollow version in .STL format.