3d model from screenshots out of a video game.

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by madcowdisease, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. madcowdisease
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  2. megsempinado
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    Good day Sir,
    I am interested to do this for you,
    You can check my online portfolios at

    you can email me any images that may help at

    And how much is your budget for this?

    Thank you,
  3. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    We could do this for you, but you would have to pay us $500,000 before we start to cover the costs of any copyright infringements.

  4. madcowdisease
    madcowdisease New Member
    Thank you for your wonderfully helpful reply, I'm glad you took time out of your day to drop by and assist me.
  5. tebee
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    There ain't no copyright on a 3-d object so not only is he (un)helpful he's also wrong....
  6. BillBedford
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    There has been at least one forum member has reported having been sent a 'cease and desist' letter in the last couple months for copying a film prop, so I suspect IP Lawers of the World inc. don't share your reading of copyright law. As for being unhelpful, 'don't try to rip off people who can afford tame lawyers' is probably the most helpful advise this guy is going to get for a long time. Though, of course, it may not be exactly what he wanted to hear.
  7. madcowdisease
    madcowdisease New Member
    The point is, no one asked you to come give your opinion. Espically when you peddle your opinion as factual advice.

    I would appreciate it if you would not disrupt my thread any further. Thank you.
  8. No one's trying to disrupt, they're offering advice from personal experience in an effort to keep you from ending up on the wrong end of some legal action. If you care to ignore it, that's your choice.

    Someone somewhere spent time and effort to create that ship design, and the design itself is most likely copyrighted. Whether the model itself is copyrighted is a separate issue.

    Point is, your "I'm right so shut up" attitude isn't going to get you any help, here or anywhere else. There's no reason to jump down our throats simply for trying to keep you from getting in trouble that's obvious to us, but maybe not so much to you.

    Just my $0.02.

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  9. madcowdisease
    madcowdisease New Member
    I do not see where I ever claimed to be right, or even disupited his claims. I am certainly not jumping down anyone's throat.

    I am not going to spend my time explaining the legalities of my project with people who are not interested in helping. If there is anyone who would like to take on my project, but is concerned about copyrights can discuss that with me privately.
  10. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    i have heard that straight copying of 3d is a slippery slope at best.

    now if you were to extract the data straight from the video game and then try to sell a print then i think it would be a direct violation.

    but since you are asking for a modeler then i can imagine that this isn't what you are asking for and should be able to find someone that can approximate the shape of the object.
  11. madcowdisease
    madcowdisease New Member
    There is another thread on the first page about breen/dominion ships. Both those and the ship from my game are from CBS. Why aren't we warning that person?

    But since apparently this is a big issue,

    All I am looking to give someone a model of their ship as a gift, like the figure prints that world of Warcraft offers. But i need a 3d model to print. If this is not what this site is for, just say so.
  12. dizingof
    dizingof New Member
    No one will sue you if the model is a private print - but if you offer it for sale on shapeways it will be terminated.

    These 3d prints are from a popular game called W.o.W and they are not offered for sale - therefore i can design them and print one copy for my private use. (they were a proof of concept of my easy sculpting technique idea , i dont play with them :D)




    I can design your Defiant ship but i dont have time :rolleyes:

  13. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    Sorry but what you are asking is dangerous from a designers point of view. While you say you only want one copy, there is no guarantee that some time in the future you may change you mind or that the 3D file won't fall into the hands of someone who might want to produce thousands of copies.

    There are plenty of people here who can help you produce your own 3D files, but it is not a good idea to ask someone else to do the work for you because of the risk involved.

  14. madcowdisease
    madcowdisease New Member
    Then how do you explain why there are so many star trek models for sale in the shapeways.com gallery, why you can find a hundred different models in Google warehouse. Why are you not warning modelers in other star trek related request threads?

    Let myself and the modelers who are interested worry about the legal issues. We don't need your legal opinion.
  15. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    Maybe they have permission from the copyright holders
    Maybe they they are only producing for their own collections
    Maybe they have indemnified any third-party designer for breaches of copyright.

    What they are not doing is enticing people to copyright infringements.

  16. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    Does commissioning a private print constitute a sale?
  17. dizingof
    dizingof New Member
    An infringement of copyrights in this 3D printing era is when you decide to mass produce a copyright design for commercial purposes

    Anyways, when in doubt better email support@shapeways.com

  18. aeron203
    aeron203 New Member
    One copy is still infringement, it's just that you are such small fish, the labor to address it is simply not worth it for the studio. You will not be sued for $500,000 for asking someone to make a model. That is a silly attempt at intimidation that only works on Freshman college students. Selling a copyrighted design is not legal though, and if the model did end up being distributed and it could be proven (by examining forum logs, for example), you would be opening yourself up to legal action. We should all be aware of this as modelers and not violate someones rights for a couple bucks.

  19. madcowdisease
    madcowdisease New Member
    So you are saying we don't know their legal situations, so we can't make any judgments.

    You don't know the legal facts of my projects, so please stop with your un-informed non-sense.

    And by the way still does not explain why you aren't harassing other modeling request that are " enticing people to copyright infringement"
  20. dizingof
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