3D Model from my brands logo.

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    I would need a 3d modeller to create a 3d file from my brand's logo.
    I have here attached a picture of it. It is the two Ks in the logo. It will be for a necklace so needs a little charm ring/hoop on the top in the middle.
    I would need it in stainless steel, gold plated matte.
    Measurements: 4mm high x 40mm length x 25mm width from the widest point.
    In the picture the Ks of the logo are quite thin. They could be a bit "fatter".

    Please leave me your sample screen caps and quotes.
    Deadline is before mid may.

    Thank you in advance !

    Tara Byakko.

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  2. solid_modeler
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    I can have it done for 25$ in the next 24 hours if you can send me an Illustrator file of your logo (it would need to be exported as a DXF or DWG file)!

    Email me at: solidmodelingdesigns@gmail.com if you would like to discuss it further!
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    Hi Tara,

    I had a spare moment so I threw this together for you, see attached. They may reject it though cuz of thin walls. The walls cannot be made much thicker cuz doing so causes the overall design to be lost.

    At 40 mm tall it ends up being about 17 mm wide.

    Instead of attaching a bail at the top I drilled a through hole at the top instead. I did it this way cuz attaching a bail caused the kk to appear not as kk.

    Whomever wants to rework this is free to do so. :)

    All the best,

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