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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by Vagabond82, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Vagabond82
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    I do pepakura as one of my hobbies and in the hobby I extract models from videogames, for multiple uses. Rigging, Mods, Pepakura, 3D Printing, etc. the list goes on. I've become pretty good at setting up the models for Shapeways and even though a lot of the models are Low Poly, I use a Loop Subsurf to turn the model into a High Poly file.
    I can also convert just about any 3D file you have to any format you want except for STEP or IGES file types. I can't work with them as I don't have Solidworks or AutoCAD.
    I use Metasequoia LE, Milkshape, Meshlab, Crafty Object Viewer (for converting MDL to OBJ files), Wings 3D, etc.
    If you have something you want done for free just let me know.
  2. Smooth2
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    Hello there.
    Some time ago, I tried to accomplish a scene (from Assassins Creed), in which the Hellequinne kills Ezio.
    Other than that I just can't get everything 100% right, I got the Problem, that I could never print these Models, because for example the clothes have no thickness at all, they just are..textures in mid air?! (tried it with ragdoll Models in XNALara)
    I could give you the 2 ragdolls with a scene, with which I'm not a 100% pleased.
    Would be great to hear back from you. ;D
  3. Vagabond82
    Vagabond82 New Member
    Well as for changing some of the clothing thickness I really don't have the knowledge to do that I can remove it if it's something like a cape or hood if it's one of the groups in the model info. But I can probably fix it if you just want those no thickness parts removed. I can also take the meshes and conver them from low-to-high poly for you so you'll have a smoother finish.
    As long as the models or scene are not XNALara files I can work with them, otherwise I'll have a ton of work to do in order to convert them and clean them up. But if you have the scene or models in OBJ format for instance I can definatly work with it.
  4. Smooth2
    Smooth2 New Member
    Crap, that's to bad, because I don't want the cape and so on removed.. :/
    But thanks anyway! ;D