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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by reprobubbles, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. reprobubbles
    reprobubbles New Member
    My fathers co. Just got a new Cnc machine. The guys need some practice pieces and asked me to get a few to them. Can any one help me make a few 3D pieces. I can give you dimensions. Basically need a rectangle with rounded corners. Need to make two pieces like that and then make a clamshell.
  2. codexehow
    codexehow New Member
    Sure, I'll help you out.

    My website is in my sig, and you can find contact info there.
  3. Fredd
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    Repro this sure is the place to ask for practice pieces. Anything else just ask. Especially if want some that will drive the printers crazy.Cackles.
    I am curious, do you just want one half of a clamshell, or something that is hinged?
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  4. reprobubbles
    reprobubbles New Member
    I am making clamshells for toys. I run a few vacuum formers. I always made my molds out of wood. I am looking for something more precise and thought using the Cnc would be great or 3d printing. I have a hard time explaining the degrees and drafts. However I can draw some designs and go from there.

    I am looking to make a clamshell similar to this. I probably will not have the middle hinge.

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