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    I need someone who is good with 3d software that can modify a .stl file/design for me

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    what you need??
  3. cfen
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    here's what I need:

    This is a follow focus gear I originally had modified for my camera. Now I have a new handheld rig so i need new modifications. Ok the drawing below shows the measurements needed to modify It (drawing not to scale). Use whatever program you know best but I need a .stl file to print from and the outer teeth of the gear has to be 0.8 pitch.
    Also, to save on material cost please put holes like the one drawn below around the circle. I'm not sure how many holes or gear teeth it should take so just use your best judgment. Remember on the holes keep a good thickness between top, bottom and sides, 8mm would be good and thicker is always better and acceptable. I 'm including the .stl file below I use to print the gear pictured below so you don't have to start from scratch just make the outer part bigger and so on.

    PS I can of course pay a bit for your time.

    Original 3d printed follow focus gear

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    What material do You print? Hubble Spare Part?

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    Shapeway has a material called Strong & Flexible" which is what they used to print my follow focus gear in the picture for me.