3d Drawing Request For N Or 1/160th Scale

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    Hello. I have 2 N scale model railroad related things I'd like to get up on Shapeways as soon as possible. The first is an external refrigeration unit that is attached to a refrigerated shipping container to keep whatever is inside cold. I would just glue the refrigeration unit to the front end of any N scale refrigerated reefer containers I have. Second is a N scale model railroad freight car called a 73' centerbeam flat that is designed to carry lumber products. Very similar centerbeam railcar bodies have already been posted on Shapeways if you just search for the word centerbeam but none of them are N scale. I've attached pictures of both of these. I realize that might not be perfect but just do the best you can. Please let me know if you'd be interested in making 3d drawings of these products that could be loaded onto Shapeways.

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