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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by harold4, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. harold4
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    I have my 3D draw but I don't can send it to Shapeways.

    How can I do to upload it to shapeways?

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  2. bartv
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    Hi Harold,

    you'll first need to export the file to a file format that we can handle: STL, VRML, X3D or Collada. After that you should be able to upload it.


  3. dizingof
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    Awesome sculpture !

    Did you model it with Zbrush?

    Your model wasn't ready for 3D printing - had the usual errors and WASN'T hollowed ...

    I fixed it for you and hollowed it to a 1.5mm walls throughout the model (see bottom of the base for 3 holes that will enable the tech guys to clear all support material from the inside)

    Oh.. and that hollowing process saved you $100 :)
    From $160 to $60 cost of printing in WSF

    Great work !

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